Building a Product for the Modern Traveler: General Assembly + Tripcents

October 24, 2018

We haven't posted on the blog in a while. We've been working hard doing research to perfect our product for the new age traveler. This is time consuming and tedious work, but all the time and effort we have been putting in will show in the new developments in our product. We were lucky enough to have the help of the General Assembly (GA) UX team here in Denver. After working together for 3 weeks, we feel our new ideas and findings will put our product on an even better path to success. 

What did GA help us with?


As a startup, we have limited resources and human power. So you can imagine how excited we were when we were selected to partner with the General Assembly internship program. GA came in and hooked us up with six amazingly talented UX students for three weeks of intensive work. We put them to the test!


In our first meeting, we spilled the beans on everything tripcents. We gave them direct access into all of our data and showed them our conversion funnels and where we were having users fall out of the tripcents flow. We wanted to know if what we had built to date was on the right track. By this, we mean we wanted to know if our users were as in love with our app as we were. 


The question we posed to GA was: Do people save for travel?


We had a pretty good thesis that people do save for travel based on months of our own research and product iteration, but now that we had heaps of data, we needed to talk to more of our users to really dial in our product offering. Why are people saving for travel? How are people saving for travel? etc.


Our team from General Assembly dove right in. They did more research in the three weeks we were with them than we could have done. They interviewed current, previous and potential tripcents users to see what they liked, hated and wanted out of our product. The findings were nothing short of what we had already thought, but really helped solidify our theories. 


 What did GA find?


After speaking with a number of current and potential tripcents users, GA was able to pinpoint a couple topics for us to focus on as we continue to build and iterate on the product. One of the biggest findings was that people came into the app with a large amount of intent to save for travel, which is exactly what we want. However, once people got into the app, they were getting confused and didn't necessarily trust what we were offering. We had a feeling that our app was far from SIMPLE - we went all out on adding in cool features and designs - but what we didn't realize was that it was diverting users away from our core value prop, which is budgeting and saving for travel. 

We've had 15,000 people download the app with the intent to save for travel. This is huge in validating that people are and want to find better ways to save for travel. What we needed to do was figure out how to offer that solution in a simple, straightforward way without scaring our users.


GA helped us focus on a few major design points moving forward based on the data we've collected and the combined research we've done. They really helped us get our heads out of the weeds and view the product, solution and flow from a 3rd party perspective, which is exactly what we needed.





Design Suggestions Based on Data and Research


We found that our users wanted tripcents to be more clearly focused on helping you save for travel - more "finance or fintech" forward if you will. As it stands today, users go through a flow of creating a trip and inviting friends to that trip first before ever getting into the financial saving aspects of our app, which is one of the major solutions we are providing. 


We were seeing users drop off within the app before even getting to the fintech portion. Hence the financially forward adjustments. We do have thousands of people coming to the app with the intent of saving for travel, why not get them into it right away? 


We felt that this, along with the insights into how and where your money is being saved, would also help with user trust. The simpler the offering is, the better people will understand the solution we are bringing to solve their problem of easily being able to save and budget for travel. 



Tripcents 3.0


So what's next? We're going to be taking all of the data and research we've collected along with the research GA has done and refocus. We have some amazing plans in place to simplify the app to truly make it the easiest and best place to save for travel. Travel budgets tied in with automatic savings in a simple engaging way is what we're striving for. We will be building it out one iteration at a time, so get stoked.


Even bigger things are coming...






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