Traveler Interview: Captain Pat Moynihan

August 8, 2018

We're here with another adventure in our ongoing series. Today, we have a quick chat with one of our very own TC Explorers and sailing captain, Pat Moynihan. Check out his Instagram for awesome photos and adventures @patmoyno!



How do you think traveling impacts people's lives for the better? 


It creates a deeper appreciation for people from various backgrounds and allows you to pick pieces from other cultures to weave into your own.


What's your most memorable trip all about?


Has to be my trip to Iceland in 2009. At this time they averaged 400k tourists a year, last year they saw 2.5M, so it felt much more remote. I traveled with NatGeo for a month in a bus filming a documentary on climate change. The interaction with the locals and this being my first trip outside of the states made it truly unique. 




What is the one thing you always have in you carry-on?


My portable charger. Phones are essential for tickets, plans, maps, music, etc… nothing worse than running out of juice in a foreign country!


Do you like to travel alone, with friends or a mix?

I prefer to travel alone. It gives you the flexibility to do what you’d like, and challenges you to get outside of your comfort zone. When I do travel with friends, anything over 4 people creates un-do work.




What's your best travel hack tip?

Use your network when trip planning. You can often find someone who is connected to the company your renting from, or has a friend who has gone on the exact same trip. Their discounts or advice can be a wallet and time saver.


Why do you make traveling a priority in your life?

Traveling allows you to refresh on what’s important to you. It allows you to reflect back on things you’d like to achieve in your work and personal life and makes coming into work on Monday a whole lot easier.



What's the most ridiculous thing that's happened to you on the road?


I got caught in a hail storm on my motorcycle on highway 1, far from home with a dead phone. It was a humbling experience to say the least and a reminder to always check the weather!




Do you have a dream destination? Where is it and why?


I want to get to the Faroe Islands. It's made up of 18 volcanic islands connected by small bridges located between Iceland and Norway. With a Population of 49,000 and insanely beautiful landscapes, primitive lifestyle and rugged weather. It's difficult to travel to and not for the faint of may be difficult to get to, but I probably won’t have to dodge any selfie sticks.



What was your last trip? What's your next planned adventure?

I recently got back from a road trip from Vegas to Telluride. I spent 10 days in a camper van from Escape Campervans, passing through Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, CanyonLands and Moab. We ended our epic journey with a weekend at the Telluride Bluegrass festival.



I recently got my captains license. For my next journey, I'm looking to take a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands.






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