New Features, Who ‘Dis?

July 19, 2018

As people like to say, it’s all about the journey - and we’d love for you to join ours. Too sentimental? Prefer another saying? Ok, if you insist - Always.Be.Updating - that’s what we live by. Here’s some of the newest features based on the feedback we get from you!


We don’t just build stuff just to build it. We listen to our users. Your feedback is absolutely essential in the development and growth of our product. This is why we talk with as many customers as possible on a weekly basis to iterate, build and test.


Not everything we build will be 100% awesome in the first months of being live. We understand that. As long as we learn from those trials and improve as quickly as possible, we’ll be in a good position and so will you.


The more feedback we get from you, the better our product and your experience will be. We release a new update every Friday, so keep your eyes peeled.


If you have recommendations or ideas for us to think about, let us know!


Round Up - Saving Made Easy


This is a feature that has been made popular by other micro-savings apps like Acorns and Digit. However, none of those apps make it specific to travel and trips you’re planning on going on.


 The round up savings feature helps you save money toward you trip goals by rounding up purchases you make to the nearest dollar (or 3, 4 or 5 dollars depending on what you select within the app). So, if you purchase a coffee for $3.50, tripcents will round that up to $4.00 and put the extra $.50 into your Travel Fund.


Sweet, right? Chip away at your travel goals with everyday purchases.


Travel Budget Engine - Time Saver


This is sweet. We now search 1,000’s of flights and hotels to get you a budget for your trip in seconds. Yes, SECONDS!


 We connect with and leverage our travel partners’ data to generate your travel budget based on the the time of year, location and duration you select. So, if you say you want to go to Sydney, Australia from LAX next June for 15 days, we say no problem. All you need to do is setup your Travel Fund and save $3,000.


We do the searching and budgeting for you. Sit back, relax and get ready for Sydney!


Nudging (releasing this week) - Keeping your peeps on track


We’re especially excited about this new feature. Ever wonder what “poking” on Facebook was for? Us too…


Nudging is like poking, but with meaning behind it. Now, when you invite your friends to a trip to save along with, you can keep them on track by nudging them.



Example: If you decide to go on a trip with 3 friends, you can now keep them on track so no one bails last minute. You can see the progress of each friend and nudge them to accept your trip invite, to start saving and to save more for that specific trip. You can also congratulate friends who are staying on track.


Never have a friend bail on a trip again.


Partner Hotels - Sweet Deals

We’ve been working on getting more travel partners integrated with our platform and can now say that we are working with Hotwire, GetARoom and Rome2Rio to bring you the possible travel budget.


We will continue to fine tune and build this part of the app out as we continue to grow. Ultimately, our goal is to create completely customizable budgets for each trip you go on. We want accuracy and speed. The more travel partners we work with, the more information we have to provide you with the best experience possible.


We’re excited about our growth and look forward to implementing more travel companies soon.


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