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Saving simplified. Travel personalized.

Like you, we love to travel — but oftentimes, life, bills and obligations get in the way. We’ve all had trips we were dreaming about, but kept putting off because they were expensive and difficult to plan. Or we've spent months planning group getaways just to have the majority of people drop out at the last minute because they didn't save enough.

That's when we realized there had to be a better way to travel and an easier way to book the trips we've always wanted to go on. So we decided to build tripcents, a mobile application that is designed to enable people to travel by automating savings while providing personalized insider deals. Basically, we took the tedious aspects of trip planning and automated them.

We hope you like what we are building. Share your experience with us @tripcents.

Happy traveling!

Brantley, Beau, JJ & Charlie



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